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Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in the report any law has been broken. >> he has come close to crime on scandal. his former chief of staff pled to federal year a briberytemming from sting. in a city where of indictments, onstituents are pointed.isap >> i think that the people who are elected of this committee be upstanding citizens. it is disappointing that they red >> they think lot of powere a and the use and abuse of. today, graham issued a deeper buddle into the metro findings. -- deeper rebuttal to the metro findings. >> those $800,000 would be alator.spent on an esc metro did hand over the findings of the investigation to law enforcement officials. >> a former prince george's county bus driver has been given sentence. three people suffered minor e incident could she was convicted of first- and malicious n of property. she has five years' supervised probation and has to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. >> robberies in college park has the community on art. the suspect rounded to students at gunpoint. one student was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> it is another do-or-die day the nationals tonight as they t
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
news. >> under pennsylvania law sandusky can not be released before the minimum of 30 years. beside the appeals, there are plenty of lawsuits. penn state is in the process of settling a number of those lawsuits. >> let's switch gears and talk about the weather today. another damp and chilly fall day for the washington area. >> some milder temperatures are on the way. >> a few breaks in the overcast, but the clouds are still hanging around. it is gray and damp and only 58 degrees right now. anywhere from. 10 2.25 inches of rain. -- .10 to .25 images of rain. tonight it will start to clear out a little bit 44-52 degrees. we can see the cloud is moving across the appalachians. it looks like a great day tomorrow. we will give you the next seven days in the weather coming up in just a few minutes. >> let's turn to a developing story in virginia. authorities have ruled the death of a star reporter a homicide. the 48-year-old was found dead in her burning home on july 9. witnesses say they saw greenhalgh arguing with the man the night before her death. >> brown was after he failed to make
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2